Clean & Tidy...for now!

I recently decided to move my encaustic studio from a space in the garage into my spare bedroom studio. This necessitated pulling out everything I have related to making art and creating category piles (Marie Kondo style) such as my stuff for encaustic, watercolor items, drawing materials, acrylic painting supplies, etc.

Not easily daunted, I worked on this re-org for two weeks - only to discover that I was much better off keeping my encaustic bench and supplies in the garage. This would help to mitigate tracking wax throughout my house plus keep my in-home studio less crowded/more inviting for creative planning.

The byproduct of this process was a renewed workspace that was clean and tidy. Sure, it won’t be that way for long, but I’ve decided to post a photo so I can remember the ‘joy’ that a clean and organized studio space brought me. (Thank you, Marie!)