1.  San Diego Museum of Art Artist Guild - Balboa Park, San Diego, CA: https://www.sdmaag.org

  2. Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance, Oceanside, CA: https://oma-online.org/artist%20alliance/

  3. San Dieguito Artist Guild & Off Track Gallery, Encinitas, CA (Member owned & operated): https://sandieguitoartguild.com

  4. R & F Handmade Paints, Supplier of encaustic supplies online and at local art supply stores: https://www.rfpaints.com

  5. Enkaustikos, Supplier of encaustic supplies online and local art supply stores: https://www.encausticpaints.com

  6. Swan Candles, Supplier of encaustic supplies online: https://www.swanscandles.com